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Adventure Blog

46.66570, -86.16669 • Elevation: 626 ft

July 2022

Lake Superior Overlanding

Dropped off 2 Hooligans on the North Country Trail near the Au Sable Lighthouse and set off on an adventure of my own. Overlanding in the wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a trip that I would highly recommend to any serious nature-freak. With hundreds of miles of Trails to explore, and loads of secrets to discover (and never share) the UP never disappoints. Beware, the UP can be formidable, and extreme preparation should be taken before deciding to take a trip. With the combination of wildlife, the extent of the wilderness and elements of nature, and the lack of humans to cross paths with. I had with me, my trusty steed, the Danger Ranger, extra fuel, water, recovery gear, water, clothes for all seasons, water, and fire starting tools. Oh yeah, don't forget water. Plan your Routes, and share your itinerary. Cell Signal is unlikely.

February 2023

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a landscape that is supposed to belong to another planet. Luckily for us, it's here on Earth instead! I have never felt so small on an adventure. The 6000 ft mountains surround you inside the valley floor below at -282 ft with clear skies allow you to see peaks over 100 miles away. Temperatures ranged from 34 degrees at the summits, to 70 or more in the valley. Made a jacket and shorts the outfit of choice. Broke in my new boots hiking the park looking into the history of the many mines and towns that dot the park. If I lived in the time of mule teams and ghost towns, I would have turned around at the site of Death Valley.  Somehow, the people of the past tamed the land. Still plenty left to explore, as most of the park was closed due to recent flood damage. Can't wait to return! 

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36.23078, -116.78399 • Elevation: -282 ft

CAH05688_Wagner Falls.jpg

46.38802, -86.64745 • Elevation: 698 ft

August 2022

Munising to Tahquemenon 

There are probably 143 reasons this trips was one of my favorites of all-time. This picture here is one my best. An easy hike to Wagner Falls, just south of Munising, takes you through a forest straight from a storybook where the sounds of water lure you along. The sunlight broke through the treetops just at the right time, letting the morning rain soaked wood shine. Couldn't stay for long though, had a long trip ahead. Found a backwoods campsite conveniently located in the middle of nowhere, and set off the next morning on a journey across the central UP. Checked in on some secret spots, and found some new ones along the way. After an extended weekend of fun, finally made it to Tahquemenon, just in time. Definitely planning on returning soon, always more to explore. 

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